Building Management System

BMS typically involves central monitoring of critical infrastructure by tracking, managing and reporting of electro-mechanical and HVAC systems in large buildings .It ensures the operations are run efficiently and secured manner .It further helps reduce the costs for energy, commissioning and maintenance while offering greater convenience for the people who live in the building.

An integrated building management system (BMS) is a master control system that networks all of the mechanical, electrical, IT, and security systems of a facility, unifying them into a single system so they can share information and work together seamlessly.

QCS provides complete Building and Energy Management systems for Commercial, Hospitality, Health, Industries and Government Institutions. Being associated with leading BMS brands with open ended architecture – we offer design, implementation & support of IBMS solution. As part of the IBMS integration service we integrate security solutions like CCTV, Access Control, Access based Lift Systems, Metal Detectors, Communication Systems, Networking, Intercom, Fire Alarm, PA System, Wi-Fi Systems

The benefits of IBMS

Good control of internal comfort conditions.

Possibility of individual room control.

Increased staff productivity.

Effective monitoring and targeting of energy consumption.

Improved plant reliability and life.

Effective response to HVAC-related complaints.

Save time and money during maintenance.

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