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Video Surveillance Solution

For Small Sized system ,Mid -sized system , large sized system.

We ,at QCS protect your business with a complete,flexible yet scalable end-to-end security and surveillance solutions. We keep your business safe with a complete, cost-effective, easy-to-use security and surveillance solution.We offer complete package of – cameras,IP switches/routers ,NVR, Servers ,software and even media converters and other products that create an optimal security solution.

Our solutions are easy to use and install, and they’re designed to work perfectly whether for small businesses like shops,hotels or small office to schools, retail, manufacturing sites or even large and complex demanding installation requirement of big business and commercial premises.

We at QCS help migrate organisations from their existing analog cctv system to an IP based security solution . Through video encoder solution, we can integrate your existing analog system with products that bring your system up to speed with the latest IP technology. Video encoders give you the immediate network video benefits, as well as a platform to expand and update your infrastructure with network cameras, software and networking/storage devices.As per situation and customer requirement ,We can further enhance the IP surveilance by integrating access control, remote entry management and adding audio and microphone for 2-way communication