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FTTH solution (residential & commercial Blds), Multi DTH solution , Video Door Phones (analog & IP based) ,Unified integrated fiber cabling solution for Luxury residential & commercial segment .

Supply exceeding demand and with more demanding IT savvy customers asking for connected ,smart and secured residential communities -developers offering luxury living have started to look beyond mere concrete structures and conventional amenities . The customer now a days looks for choice of service providers when it comes to voice,Video,Data as well as entertainment and uncompromising when it comes to their residential security .

It’s here that – We, at QCS -with our unique ,innovative ,frugal linear unified fiber cabling solution bring value to both the developers as well as the end customers .It is refreshingly different from conventional FTTH with no investment on OLT & ONT from the developer side . With a single linear fiber core – all they key services voice,data ,video,IP surveilance,IP video door Phone and Multi-DTH with multiple polarity can be addressed .

Customer can have multiple choice when it comes to Internet service providers (ISPs),DTH service providers .They can even have multiple DTH SP in their 2 or 3 bedrooms !! Further with an integrated IP camera and IP VDP solution they can relax at their work or on the go ! With fiber back-bone for the key services -the solution is cost effective,low maintenance ,future proof and a big differentiator for the developer – can be leveraged during marketing in a big way .

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